Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries

Incorporating advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 technology, Century Lithium Pro Deep Cycle batteries are designed to provide long lasting power in recreational applications. Capable of delivering over 3000 cycles1, longer service life, more usable energy and up to 10X faster recharging* it is suitable as a replacement for standard 12V flooded, GEL or AGM Deep Cycle batteries.^

The superior energy capacity, operating temperature range and lightweight design makes Century Lithium Pro batteries ideal for use in a range of applications where longer life, faster recharge and dependable power is required.

They're the perfect addition to motorhomes & RV's, caravans, camper trailers, boats, 4x4 dual battery systems, recreational and mobility vehicles, and portable solar applications.


Lithium Pro C12-100XLi

12V LiFePO4 | 100Ah | 1280Wh
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 Technology
  • Bluetooth connectivity for battery monitoring
  • 5 Year warranty

Lithium Pro C12-100XSLi

12V LiFePO4 | 100Ah | 1280Wh Slimline
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 Technology
  • Bluetooth connectivity for battery monitoring
  • 5 Year warranty

Lithium Pro C12-200XLi

12V LiFePO4 | 200Ah | 2560Wh
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 Technology
  • Bluetooth connectivity for battery monitoring
  • 5 Year warranty
Product Warranty Volts CCA RC Ah Dimensions (mm) LxWxTH Polarity Terminal Type
C12-100XLI 60 12 100 307x172x217 D M8
C12-100XSLi 60 12.8 100 508x110x236 M8
C12-200XLi 60 12.8 200 483x170x241 M8

1longerlife-(2).pngLonger Service Life
3000+ cycles @80% DOD
6constantpower-(3).pngConstant Power Delivery
Delivers the same amount of power during the entire discharge cycle
2superiorenergy-(2).pngSuperior Energy Capacity
More usable power from smaller footprint, reducing system and footprint requirements
7advancedbms-(2).pngAdvanced BMS System
Control system to regulate and protect battery cells during operation
3superiorrecharge-(2).pngSuperior Recharge Efficiency
10x faster recharge for less downtime & deep discharge recovery
8bluetooth-(2).pngBluetooth Monitoring System
Monitors capacity, voltage, current, SOC, SOH, number of cycles and run time
4lowdischarge-(2).pngLow Self Discharge
<2% self discharge per month for increased energy retention when not in use
9casing-(3).pngABS & PC Casing
Flame retardent and hardwearing casing for increased protection
4lightweight-(3).pngLightweight Design
Half weight of lead acid equivalent - ideal for weight restricted and GVM applications
10ip65-(3).pngIP65 Rated
Protection against ingress from dust & water
4lowdischarge-(3).pngWide Operating Temperature
Suitable for use in a range of applications and operating conditions (0oc to 45oc)
11multiangle-(3).pngMulti-Angle Fitment
90o side mount for fitment flexibility+

Superior Energy Capacity

superior-energy-capacity-(3).pngCentury Lithium Pro batteries incorporate advanced design features to deliver more usable energy. They can be repeatedly discharged to approx. 80% of capacity without compromising performance over time. This provides more usable energy from the same size case.


10x-cycles-(2).png10x More Cycle Life

The C12-100XLi delivers up to 10x more cycle life* 3000+ cycles for longer service life.
*Based on 80% DOD.


bluetooth-monitoring-(1).pngWireless Bluetooth Monitoring system

Century Lithium Pro batteries incorporate a state-of-the-art Bluetooth monitoring system to monitor battery capacity, state of charge, state of health, voltage, number of cycles run time, and much more. Ensuring maximum control over the performance and life of your battery from your smart device.


Please note: If you are experiencing any issues with the Century Lithium Pro app (in particular a sorting error in the event log) please update or reinstall the app to ensure you are on the latest version.

1At 80% DOD / #Not suitable for cranking/starting and under bonnet, grid connected solar systems or float charge applications.
*Compared with standard flooded lead acid battery.
^When used within recommended operating conditions and in conjunction with a compatible Lithium charger or charging system.
+Where feasible, always install upright to optimise the performance under a dynamic vibration condition
#Conditions apply, see product for more details.