Townsville Battery Recycling

Do you have old car batteries piling up at home or at work?

Running out of space in the shed?

Those unwanted scrap batteries are worth Cash!


We pay cash for -

*Car Batteries

*Deep Cycle Batteries

*Boat Batteries

*Truck Batteries

*Motorcycle & powersports Batteries

*Industrial Lead-Acid Batteries

Scrap battery prices are determined by the weight of the battery you're bringing in, standard automotive batteries weigh 10 to 25kg, while deep cycle and industrial machinery batteries can weigh 25 to 80kg.

Call us to find out our best price for your old batteries


 If you would like us to get in contact with you regarding a business collection enquiry Please call us on 0459 364 303 or email

*scrap value may fluctuate month to month