Car Batteries

We pride ourselves on stocking a large selection of car batteries, Not only do we have multiple batteries for each vehicle, But we stock different brands of each battery.


Having multiple brands of each battery gives our customer a greater range of choices as every vehicle requires a different Car Battery.

Here is a Great Example-

A Mazda CX-5 Battery, We Stock These Brands 

Alco SEQ85 $279 (24month Warranty)

Century Q85 $349 (24 Month Warranty)

Marshall SSEFB-D23 $319 (24 Month Warranty)

Century Q85 Maintainable $489 (36 Month Warranty)

In this case, Stocking a large range of batteries can save our customers $190 on 1 particular battery, And we have options like this for every battery we sell.

Our Battery Brands -

Alco Batteries

Century Batteries

Exide Batteries

Marshall Batteries


Want some more information about what batteries are available and best suited to your car? Give our friendly team a call or visit us instore at Townsville Wholesale Batteries to make sure your getting the best option at  a price point that best suits your needs.