Compact 24v Electric Motor Kit

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Our compact Trolling motor kits are a must have for any angler looking to save on weight & space for there electric batteries.

An equivalent AGM Battery tray would take up 330mm x 360mm and weigh 62kg, Here is where this package really comes to life.

Utilising our 12v 100ah Allspark Compact Lithium Batteries we will take up 230mm x 280mm and weigh in at 19kg.

Doing the math for you, it will Half the foot print of the batteries allowing you to fit more of the good stuff in the underfloor hatches and save you 44KG from your battery bank.

This compact kit can come as just batteries and charger, Or as a full kit including the required cabling you will need to join these 12v batteries to make a 24v bank, and an aluminium battery tray and hold down bracket to take the thought out of installing this little combo.