Power Lithium 110AH 12V Deep Cycle Battery

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Power Lithium 12v 110ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

Engineered with the latest Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) technology this battery has twice the power, half the weight, and lasts longer than a sealed lead acid battery providing exceptional lifetime value.

5 Year Full Replacement Warranty (Not Pro-Rata)


The modular design enables deployment of up to four batteries in series and up to ten batteries in parallel. Charge with solar panels on the road

This means the battery can be safely configured in series to 12 - 24 - 36 or 48v at 110ah


 the battery can be safely configured in Parallel to 12v at 1100ah 

20 Times Longer Cycle Life:

Offers up to 20 times longer cycle life and five times longer float/calendar life than traditional lead-acid batteries. This helps to minimize replacement costs and reduce total cost of ownership. Your battery will last 2000 full-use cycles before you may notice any changes in performance. Meaning it can keep going for up to seven years depending on the frequency of use.

40% Lighter Weight:

About 40% of the weight of a comparable lead-acid battery.

You can also discharge the battery at a high current without affecting its shelf-life.

Wider Temperature Range:

Superior design to withstand rigorous Australian weather conditions. This 12v Deep cycle battery works efficiently in temperatures from -20C~60C.

Superior Safety:

Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry eliminates the risk of explosion or combustion due to high impacts, overcharging, or short circuit situations. These Power Lithium batteries have been strenuously tested and can hold up to any form of damage without exploding. Maintenance is not required.


The 110ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery is perfect for application in 

  • Trolling motors, solar energy storage, or boating, where you need lots of power for a long time. 
  • Keep your campsite running
  • Electric vehicles, electric mobility,
  • UPS, backup power
  • Communication & medical equipment
  • Lighting & more



  • Nominal Voltage: 12.8v
  • Nominal Capacity: 110Ah
  • Energy: 1408Wh
  • Cycle Life: >2000 Cycles @1 C 100% DOD
  • Months self discharge: <3%
  • Charge voltage: 14.6V
  • Discharge cut-off voltage: 8V
  • Standard charge current: 55A
  • Max charge current: 110A
  • Standard discharge current: 110A
  • Standard discharge Max Pulse current: 400A (<3s)



  • WEIGHT 14.3kg (31.45lbs)
  • LENGTH 305 mm
  • WIDTH 168 mm
  • HEIGHT 238 mm