Product Review - Century BM12V Battery Monitor

Product Review - Century BM12V Battery Monitor



The Century BM12V Battery Monitor is the easiest way to keep track of your battery’s state of charge and your vehicles starting and charging systems. 

The BM12V helps prevent vehicle breakdown by transmitting real time battery data to your smartphone. Easy to set up push notifications will warn you about low battery voltage and record your battery’s daily voltage levels to help identify potential issues. 

Through the App you are able to run vehicle crank tests and automatically record your trip duration.

Internally the Century BM12V Battery Monitor has a recoverable fuse for protection against short circuits and reverse connection protection to prevent damage if the connecting leads are installed on the wrong terminals during installation.

The BM12V can be used to monitor conventional 12 Volt
lead acid batteries and has been designed to withstand the
most demanding environments. 

Suitable for

  • Bluetooth enabled iOS and Android smartphones
  • All flooded, AGM and Gel 12V batteries
  • Cars, 4x4s & SUVs, Trucks, Caravans, Boats, Motorcycles, Lawn Mowers, Personal Watercraft and more!
*Conditions apply. Refer to the warranty section of the owner’s manual.

Key Features:


Battery Monitor FAQs

 Q. What does it actually do?

The BM12V performs three main functions;
  • State of charge – the number of total volts available in the battery
  • Cranking test – the volts available to crank the engine during start up
  • Charging test – the amount of charge being put into the battery at idle
Please note; the monitor also tests the level of recharge at idle as well as over 2000RPM. This is referred as the High RPM Test and can be conducted with the vehicle in neutral or while driving.

Q. How do I use the device?

Customers download the free BM12V App from Google Playstore or App Store and install it on their smart phone. Once Bluetooth is turned on, the app will connect automatically to the monitor and start relaying information to the smart phone.

Q. How long is the warranty?

The Century BM12V Battery Monitor is covered by a 24 month nationwide warranty.

Q. What is the operating temperature?

The monitor will operate between -40°C - 90°C.

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