New Product Alert - Redarc Go-Block

New Product Alert - Redarc Go-Block

Not all portable power is created equal | GoBlock vs traditional battery boxes

With modern 4WDs having less space to install dual battery systems, many people are turning toward battery boxes and portable power systems to power their getaways. But not all portable power is created equal. REDARC’s GoBlock is taking on traditional battery boxes as the ideal solution for charging smart devices, phones, games, cameras and drones as well as powering lights, compressors, a portable fridge and more.

A purpose built solution

Unlike battery boxes, which often combine parts and components from a range of manufacturers, REDARC’s GoBlock is an optimised, purpose built solution to off-grid power. When setting up a traditional battery box you often have to source the AC charger, DC charger, solar regulator and even battery from different manufacturers. This can mean the parts may struggle to work together seamlessly or, in the case of an issue, you’re stuck chasing up five different companies for some technical support.

Connecting a portable solar panel to REDARC's GoBlock on the beach.

The GoBlock is a one stop shop, with DC to DC charging, AC charging, battery monitoring, a lithium battery and MPPT regulator straight out of the box. This means that not only are all these parts designed to work together without a fault, but you don’t have to worry about wiring them up for optimal performance. Built and tested from the ground up in Australia for Australian conditions, the GoBlock has recessed inputs and outputs and no fans sucking in outside air, dust and moisture. You never have to worry about your GoBlock being affected by the elements.

The best battery life

There is nothing worse than a flat battery, plain and simple. Getting to camp and having your battery run out of charge halfway through your trip leads to sitting in the dark, food spoiling in a warm fridge and often having to cut your trip short. Traditional battery boxes are often limited to DC charging, meaning you have to be driving your vehicle to charge the battery. This can be an issue if you’re planning to be camped up for longer periods of time.

REDARC's GoBlock is powering a ARB 12V fridge while being charged by a solar panel.

With fast charging, the GoBlock can go from empty to full in around two hours so it’s ready by the time you arrive at camp. It can also be plugged into AC power to recharge during the week and be ready to go when the weekend rolls around. Featuring lithium iron phosphate cells (LiFePO4), the GoBlock can handle more charge cycles than other portable power stations, ensuring a longer lifespan. This means that you’re getting four times the battery life than competitor battery boxes without paying four times the price.

Wireless control

When you’re relaxing at camp, sitting by the fire and cracking a cold beer after a long day there’s nothing worse than having to get up and check your battery’s state of charge. Keeping on top of your battery’s charge level is critical for making sure you can outlast your trip. With a traditional battery box, you must either wire in a way to monitor the battery yourself or rely on a tiny screen that is located on the battery box, meaning you have to get up each time you want to check the state of charge.

Using Bluetooth, the GoBlock can connect to the RedVision smartphone app, giving remote access to the battery state of charge, system diagnostics, and input source information. This means that you don’t have to worry about being within range of your vehicle to keep an eye on the hardwired display or gauge. Just pull out your phone and open the app, all without leaving the fire. Through the app you can also access system and input source monitoring, recovery initiation, system diagnostics and GoBlock firmware updates.

Battery concussion

One of the main causes for battery box failures is battery concussion. With a traditional battery box, the battery inside often isn’t secured, this means that every time your vehicle hits a bump in the road or boat crests a wave the battery rattles around and bashes against the side of the box. This is incredibly damaging to your battery and other accessories, and can drastically shorten their life, if not destroy them all together.

REDARC’s GoBlock has been built with this issue in mind. As a fully contained unit, encased in a tough outer shell, it’s been built and tested for anything you can throw at it on the road or water. Designed and proven to survive in a crash test, the GoBlock is life-proof. Buy it once and never have to spend money on replacing parts again.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one, portable power solution that has been designed and tested to handle anything you could throw at it on the tracks, at camp or on the water, REDARC’s GoBlock is the answer. Get rid of your traditional, makeshift battery box and take your portable power up a level.

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